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the economic development. if north korea disturbed to the peaceful environment in the region and with other countries, china would have economic development may be disturbed. i think he welcomed kim jong- il's reason to visit. -- recent visit. if north korea provoked another thing like cheonan, what would be -- how would join the treat -- thea treat -- bilateralization between china and north korea, how would that be affected? thank you. >> me? [laughter] >> john park. >> thank you for a question. -- for your question. it would depend on how another provocation occurred. if it were ambiguous, china would react similarly. if it were clear-cut that it were north korea, that would put china in a difficult position. i would say it really depends on the circumstance. when north korea conducted the first nuclear test, and wrote the un security dons a wreck -- council resolution. >> yes, sir. here on the end of the row. >> thank you. i'm with the executive intelligence review. i wonder if any of you take seriously the objections from some chinese, some russians, and some south korean academics and
of north korea. coming up saturday, it is the mark of the ninth anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks. we will be live featuring aviation officials who will recount that day from 2001. >> at long last, the united states of america joins every other industrial nation in the world that says health care is our right, not a privilege. senators and congressmen have been holding town hall meetings, and we have been covering them. watch them in our video library. it is all searchable, and free, on your computer, any time. the c-span and networks. we provide coverage of pop -- of politics, and nonfiction literature. find our contact anytime through our video library. we take our -- we take c-span on the road with our digital boss and local content vehicle. it was created by cable, provided as a public service. now, the veterans affairs secretary speaking to the american legion the and milwaukee. he will be speaking about agent orange, and golf-war related illnesses. >> thank you for your leadership. the legion has been well served. i know secretary gates has just spoken and departed.
>> today on christian world news. refugees at risk. women who flee north korea for china are often sold into the sex trade. how christian ministries are fighting on their balf. and these young men aren't robbers, they are shoe shine boys. story behind their shame and ministry helping them take off the mask. plus the training camp helping long-term missionaries go to distance. north korean refugees sold into the sex trade in china. hello, everyone i am wendy griffith. human rights groups are testifying on capitol hill and protesting outside chinese embassy. north rean refugees living in their country. members of the human rights commissi hosted a hearing on the topic. they heard firsthand the horrors of women sold into the sex trade. it would allow the united states to place economic sanctions on the country. >> 90 percent of the women who flee north korea fall victims to traffickers and chinese government doenothing about it. it is the chinese government's ruthless policy of repay trioting that makes them so vulnerable. >> hopefly when president obama meets with the leaders, partic
and social agencies. >> all right. >> thank you. in north korea, the youngest son of leader kim jong il has been given two more top post in the communist party establishment. he is being groomed to succeed his father. this is the latest sign. >> at the working party conference, appearing on was a wash with banner sold in the reelection of kim jong-il as party leader. north koreans gathered at information points across the capitol to see the new phase of the communist regime. following its administrative reshuffle. >> the party meeting was a historic event, and the korean people highly acclaimed our respective general kim jong il as jindal secretary of the working party of korea. >> these photographs are the only images to have emerged from wednesday's gatherings. were the country's leader, kim jong il, chose to elevate his youngest son into a senior leadership role. as newscasters announced the promotion, it was the first time his name had been officially mentioned in north korea. [speaking korean] >> little is known about the crown prince, who is around 27 years old. longstanding focus of
administration increased sanctions against north korea and froze assets of individuals and organizations a link to its nuclear program. a discussion on the future of north korea, hosted by the marine corps university. it is two hours and 20 minutes. >> we welcome all of you very much to our center to discuss a strategic challenges on the korean peninsula. our thanks to general miller and the university for coming and setting the stafe for this -- the stage for this. mr. ambassador we are grateful for your help. >> the timing is perfect. no matter when we decide to do a discussion on korea, it seems that international conditions are there that may get as relevant as it has ever been -- make it as relevant as it has ever been. we are marking the 60 years after the korean war. we were in a state of armistice. it should not come as any surprise to you bet, with the treaty obligations we have with the countries on the western pacific, there is a misstep on the peninsula, amid speculation over a pile of rocks -- a calculation over a pile of rocks. and the command relationship peace would be in very -
, north korea's military threats is not as minor as many experts have said. i think there is also -- [unintelligible] this cheonan incident that happened this year, i think it is a demonstration of the difficulties on the korean peninsula, despite the worldwide attempt to change this. it is not the cold war, on the caribbean peninsula at least -- korean peninsula at least. let me focus on this. from the beginning, i think there were many different publications about president obama's policies. in regards to the korean peninsula, i think president obama's policies have been quite good. they have a north korean policy in the south korean policy. at the same time, the administration in united states have pursued a policy through tough diplomacy, which i might describe as a very prudent in its approach to north korea. this is a very recent recession that demonstrates the u.s. is very strong in its reaction to the cheonan incident. they joined at the very beginning in the rescue operations, and also, [unintelligible] -- the were in strong support of the u.s. administration. this is the
importance. china's military buildup, north korea, taiwan, and climate change, are now all on the agenda. >> china wants to avoid real security crises. on the other hand, also, i think, it does aspire to be a great power in a very full way. >> how will dialogue between the u.s. and china shape the coming decade? next, on great decisions. >> in a democracy, agreement is not essential, but participation is. join us as we discuss today's most critical global issues. join us as we discuss today's most critical global issues. join us for great decisions. [instrumental music] >> great decisions is produced by the foreign policy association, inspiring americans to learn more about the world. funding for great decisions is provided by the carnegie corporation of new york, the starr foundation, shell international and the european commission. great decisions is produced in association with the university of delaware. >> and now from our studios, here is ralph begleiter. >> welcome to great decisions, i'm ralph begleiter. joining us to discuss u.s./china relations and the rise of china's military,
that he had travelled to china. it shows the low level of information we have on north korea. one of the things a lot of folks have indicated is to get china's blessing. that would not be the case. it would be more of apre brief before them announcing it publicly. host: our guest until 9:00 to talk about north korea. clear . for those in north korea, how do they view this process? guest: some concern. it's sort of like an xerox of an xerox. his father was seen as not as good as his father and this son is seen as not as good as his father. the general public doesn't know a lot about him. there are questions about whether senior leaders would go along with him. host: one thing that has to happen soon is the consolidation of power. what does that mean? guest: if there are challengeerses to the throne, there wouldn't be an outright challenge as long as his father is in power but once he dies, you could have a con seftful, and failed succession. the other senior leaders may create a crisis to rally around the flag fact. host: the hartford line for democrats. you are on. go ahead. calle
of north korea's reclusive leader is promoted to general. give peace talks and a chance. the palestinian response to israeli resumption of building on the occupied west bank. and it hugo chavez makes parliamentary gains that could make the president next five years difficult indeed. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- ♪ the world's biggest energy producer meets the world's fastest growing energy market. russia and china signed an oil and gas field. and the hills could soon be alive with the sound of skiing. this picturesque spot in georgia is on people's minds. hello. on the face of it, it is just an official announcement of a military appointment, but in north korea, very little is routine, and the latest news from state media looks significant. kim jong il -- kim jong-un has been given the rank of military general. this is one of the a few photographs of him. he is thought to be in his 20's. in any seat strong signs he is about to be anointed -- many see strong signs he is a
." >> celebrations in north korea as the leader's youngest son and a transfer the power looks to getting under its way. breaking with the past. britain's leader said the iraq war never should have happened. >> i think we were wrong to go to war. >> america has drown a line and so much we. >> welcome to bbc news. the former prime minister of iceland is to go under investigation for his role in had the crisis. >> it appears a transition of power may take place in korea. king jong-un was made deputy chairman of the national defense committee. >> it's russia at the main rail station. handleds of delegates heading for the party convention. many were on the empty boulevards. party propaganda speaks about a happier tomorrow, and >> national unity. that's what all this is about. trying to stabilize north korea's economics. state television announced the rise of the dynasties. his main qualification for being heir apparent. his aunt has been made general even more family control over the country. her husband is thought to be the real power behind the thrown. governing north korea is a family business. it
sank in march. south korea's government has blame the incident on a north korea torpedo attack. south korea's joint chiefs of staff say it sends a clear message of deterrence to north korea's leaders. the maneuvs are will involve about 1,700 u.s. and south korean sailors. south korea will send four ships and a submarine to take part in the drills, while the u.s. is sending a ship and submarine. china's government announced its military plans to stage live ammunition exercises in the yellow sea from wednesday to saturday next week. but in an apparent effort to allay china's fears, the u.s. will not send a nuclear powered aircraft carrier to participate in this weekend's joint exercises as it did for previous drills in july east of the korean peninsula in the sea of japan. >>> the leadership race for japan's democratic party is fully under way. the two contenders trying to drum up support for their policy proposals. prime minister naoto kan seeking re-election as party president is being challenged by the party's former secretary-general ichiro ozawa. on friday, the third day of officia
his grandfather, kim il song, who established communist rule in north korea. >> hiroki yajima covering issues regarding the korean peninsula joins us in the studio. thank you for joining us. north korea has named kim jong il's third son, kim jong un, vice chairman of the central military committee of the workers' party. now, this is a key post. tell us a little bit behind this. >> it seems that kim jong il hurried the transfer of power because of his poor health. actually, he has been -- it's reported he has been suffering from a stroke which hit him two years ago. kim jong il took over the power from kim il song more than 20 years. during the intervening years he strengthened his grip on the workers' party and pardoned his rivals. however, kim jong un suddenly appeared in public way four-star general and vice chairman of the central military committee. kim jong il and his family act as guardians for kim jong un because he has no military experience and is still in his late 20s. but the transfer of power will not be smooth. north korea postponed the party conference, originally it was
'm catherine kobayashi. north korea's state-run media say kim jong-il's third son kim jong un has been named vice chairman of the korean worker's party. the announcement suggests kim jong un has officially been chosen as kim jong-il's successor. the wednesday morning report says the decision was made at the conference of the workers party in a general meeting of the central commission, the party's leadership body. no images have been made public so far. members of the party's central military commission lead the korean people's army. 19 people, including kim jong-il have been chosen as members of the commission. kim jong un who was earlier given the title of four star general has been named vice chairman of the central military commission, a new post. 30 years ago when kim jong-il first appeared in public as the successor to his father, he was also chosen as a member of the central military commission. jim jiang ill's younger sister kim kyong hui has been named a member of the politic bureau and her husband jang song thaek is a candidate for a polit bureau post. they are expected to act as k
glimpse inside north korea in a rare day that may see the handover of power. british spies coming in from the cold? mi6 publishes its early history. wherever you are in the world, your country is being afflicted by an epidemic that is keeping pace with it the great game of the population the cost of taking care of -- keeping pace with a great gareying of the population. care of those the dementia will be $600 billion across the globe. >> it cannot be done cheaply in the financial pressure is expected to increase. today's report sums up the financial impact of dementia of around the world. the global cost of the year it is estimated to be over $600 billion. the report points out that it is much higher than the revenue of wal-mart and costs are predicted to almost double by 2030. >> the numbers of people with dementia are increasing worldwide, the largest is hitting middle income countries. we estimate to 35.5 million people with dementia, in 20 years it will be 65 million, 15 million people worldwide. >> india it is pinpointed in the report as a country that is likely to see a sharp rise i
-- an official announcement of a military appointment. but in north korea, very little is routine. the latest news from the state media looks prescient -- kim jong-un, the son of north korea's ailing dictator has been given rank of general just as the stalinist state is about to hold a ruling convention of its workers' party. the first in nearly 30 years. many see strong signs that kim jong-il is about to appoint his successor. >> from the trains pulling into an immaculate central station to the choreographed uniformity of the arriving party delegates, it is clear that something is going on. these are pictures that north korea's authoritarian rulers want the world to see -- a city being readied for a very significant event in the. the last time the major party gathering was held was in 1980, 30 years ago. that meeting saw kim jong-il appointed to the highest ranks of the party, appointing him to his father's choice as successor. after 16 years in charge, he is frail, elderly and unwell. speculation is mounting that he is about to pull off the same trick by -- dramatically unveiling his third
korea. therefore, the conclusion is that north korea and torpedo -- a north korean torpedoed destroyed the shift. . the third claim has no evidence. the only thing that remained is j.i.g. conclusion without facts. that is a fact. >> thanks. let's open the floor to questions. if you will raise your hands before speaking i would appreciate it. tell us your name and any ebullitions you might have. please wait. we have microphones coming around to you. >> thank you. i am mike billington. i do not know if you went to the conference in quantico last week, but at that conference are raise the exact question you have drawn, the elite of the chinese and russians and others that the evidence is an adequate. the response from different generals as we do not need no stinking evidence. [laughter] look at the provocations, it isn't their character, therefore we have to accept this is true. you did not mention the issue, which has concerned me about this, which is why in this area of very high south korean and u.s. and nato anti-submarine warfare facilities and sonar equipment and so forth there appe
worldwide. >>> north korea is celebrating the 62nd anniversary of its founding on thursday. it appears to be preparing for the succession of its leader, kim jong-il. military and korean workers parties officials met on wednesday in pyongyang. prime minister choe yong rim stressed the significance of the party's first conference in 44 years scheduled to open this month. kim was absent from the meeting. choe was quoted as saying the entire nation is taking part in efforts to hold the upcoming conference. a new lineup of top party officials is expected to be announced at the conference to facilitate the succession. kim's youngest son, kim jong-un, is seen as the most likely candidate to succeed his father. attention is focused on whether he will be given a top executive post at the meeting. north korea's state-run media have reported that regional representatives are arriving in pyongyang to take part in the conference, but they haven't reported the exact start date. >>> the mmander of the u.s. pacific fleet says he is wary of north korea's moves toward the eventual transfer of power from
in delhi will happen. and north korea on points and new leader. there is speculation kim jong-il will name his youngest son his successor. and allegations of money laundering at the vatican. ed welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- dementia, the epidemic, costing the world $600 billion and no cure in sight. and back on display. some iraqi architects after the 2003 war. hello to you. the indian government once the commonwealth games to highlight the country's many strengths. but many fear the games have become an embarrassment. within two weeks, 71,000 athletes and officials are due in delhi. there are already complaints of filthy accommodation and safety concerns with the collapse of a footbridge injuring 23. our correspondent is there. >> dreams of glory are turning into a nightmare. every deadline has been mixed. the worst monsoon in 30 years has left floods and an outbreak of fever. the latest worry is -- the accommodations for the athletes. once teams began arriving, it became c
one is chosen -- north korea's leader in waiting unveiled at the ruling party conference. >> you think that delhi is ready? >> only days ago the gold medalist takes a tax up to see if delhi is prepared for the commonwealth games to prepared -- takes a tuck to see if the commonwealth games are prepared to begin. >> it is for 30 p.m. in delhi where the government is taking the extraordinary security measures on the landmark court ruling on the religious site. it carries such button to four division and violence. three judges must decide whether it belongs to hindus or to muslims. thousands died in 1992 when a mosque was torn down by a hindu extremist. caroline reports on the case that will test the capacity of india to separate politics from religion. >> this is a big day for india, and authorities are taking a chances. they are terrified that the verdict could spark a new round of violence. nearly 200,000 police have been deployed. text messaging has been blocked to prevent inside of two everyone from politicians to celebrities have appealed for calm. the dispute over the holy city has
they plan to arrest a trader on suspicion of illegally exporting pianos to north korea in defiance of u.n. anti-nuclear sanctions. police say they have obtained an arrest warrant for the president of hiroshima-based trading house saprider trading on suspicion of illegally shipping 22 pianos from a port in kobe to north korea via dalian, china in 2008. pianos are on a no shipping list as part of the u.n. sanctions imposed on north korea following its nuclear test in 2006. the list includes luxury goods as well as machines alterable to weapons of mass destruction. in june of last year the japanese government imposed a unilateral sanction against the north by banning the shipment of all the items on the u.n. list. police say the company allegedly shipped pianos after the government made such exports illegal. they say they will arrest the trader on thursday after gathering enough evidence during a search on the company in april. >>> north korea has not yet confirmed the opening of a historic meeting of its ruling workers' party despite an earlier announcement that the event would be held. t
, "bbc world news." >> north korea's ruling elite announced it will consider future leadership. the un secretary general warns leaders not to blame the economic downturn for missing targets on attacking poverty. the millennium development goals making a difference to the poorest? president obama acknowledges many feel the effects of the global financial crisis. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later, and glanced players threatened legal action over pakistan's match fixing allegations. -- england's players threatened legal action. >> the ruling party in north korea announced a crucial conference on its leadership for next tuesday. the meeting is expected to put the third son of kim jong-il in line for succession. he believed to have suffered a stroke two years ago. i asked how much was known about kim jong il's successor. >> truth be told, very little. we are not even sure how old he is. he is thought to be 26-years old, so he is very inexperienced. we know a few brief details. he is reported to have spent some time studying at a private school in switzerland. beyond that, very li
." >> the minute in the family -- the son of north korea's leader becomes an army general. is he being groomed to take power? the u.s. tries to salvage peace talks as israel and its partial freeze in settlement belt -- on settlement building in the occupied territory. president java's claims victory in the the venezuelan election -- chavez claims victory in the venezuelan election. we're coming to you on pbs america and coming up later, coping with the floods. nigeria -- rising water has forced people from millions -- forced millions from their homes. we will have the latest on the plight of the chilean miners. north korea has announced that the third son of its leader kim jong-il has been appointed as the force -- as a four-star general. many believe that the party is preparing to anoint thee a man named kim jong-un as his father's eventual successor. from the south korean capital of seoul, here is one of our correspondence. >> from the trains pulling into an immaculate pyongyang central station to the choreographed uniformity of the arriving delegates, it is clear that something is going on.
is happening? >>reporter: not really. nothing for certain when it comes to north korea but it seems now that it is highly likely his son will take over as leader when his father dies. given kim chong-il's sickness, that could be very soon. so, what will north korea look like under kim the younger? not a lot different according to our experts. >> he is chubby and ruthless as his dad. he got the dictator gene and if he takes over you do not see much change? he is a mini me dictator. >> beyond that there is very little we know about the young man in his late 20's who may soon have his finger on north korea's nuclear button. >> we know he went to private school in switzerland until he was 15. he went there una false name posing as the son of the driver of the north korean embassy. and reportedly he idolizes michael jordan and he is into roller blading, skateboarding, and basketball and snow boarding, skiing. he likes good food, obviously, from the pictures we have seen of him. but the one thing, the important thing about him is that he is not ready to take over from his dad. remember, the f
's what we do. >> ifill: and margaret warner speaks to two analysts about north korea's latest succession drama. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: on the surface, today's housing news looked pretty good. it came from a closely watched report on property values known as the case-shiller index. the survey found home prices rose in july for the fourth straight month. in all, a dozen cities out of 20 reported gains, while seven were down. one was unchanged. but that was partly because home sales were boosted by a federal tax credit that has since expired. president obama addressed the housing issue today. speaking in albuquerque, new mexico, he urged potential buyers to be prudent. >> if you want a house, you have to save for a while. you have to wait until you have 20% down. you should go for a mortgage that you know you can afford. you've got... there shouldn't
to get more minority students to graduate from college; and talk of a change in leadership in north korea. but first, with the other news of the day, here's hari sreenivasan in our newsroom. >> sreenivasan: u.s. consumers and business executives alike have turned more pessimistic about the future. the business research group conference board reported today that consumer confidence is now the lowest since february. and a new survey by the business roundtable found c.e.o.'s are less hopeful about future sales than they were in june. but on wall street, the september rally resumed. the dow jones industrial average gained 46 points to close at 10,858. the nasdaq rose more than nine points to close at 2379. president obama stepped up his efforts to energize supporters, with mid-term elections just five weeks away. he spoke in the yard of a family in albuquerque, new mexico, and he warned republicans would undercut any progress democrats have made on education. separately, in an interview with "rolling stone" magazine, the president urged democrats to go to the polls in november. he said, "peop
. gunman with an ak 47 on a college campus. plus north korea appears set to get a third generation dictator. the north korean leader kim jung-il giving his son a big promotion. that could lead to the country's top job. >> he's going to try to be a mini me dictator. i don't think he's going to have the means to do it. >> steve: tonight a close-up look at the dictator family that controls a nuclear nation. targeting terror. we'll see how the c.i.a. is reportedly using drone strikes to try to prevent a terrorist attack. plus, a discovery some scientists say could help end migraines. >> it's there in the nerve cells that gauge whether or not pain is being transmitted. >> shepard: it's not just headache sufferers who might benefit. tonight replevy in our dna. a deadly day on the campus of a major american university. swat tanks rolling down the streets of the university of texas at austin this afternoon after a 19-year-old student ran into the library with an ak 47 and started firing. it sent the whole campus into an immediate lock down. now we know he was a sophomore majoring in math and this i
department briefing include the possibility of reopening talks that a north korea and the start of the middle east peace talks. this is about an hour-and-a- half. >> good afternoon and welcome to the department's critics state department. we have the ambassador at large for counter-terrorism and his sister -- assistant director of the euro of diplomatic security. they are here to talk about some steps we announce today it with respect to designations of the ttp. >> thank you. thank you for attending this briefing. today, i am pleased to to announce the designation of the ttp as a special designated terrorist organization. under executive order 13 to 24. these designations are part of our multi pronged approach to disrupt and dismantle taliban in pakistan. these actions will help stem the flow of finances to the tpp. for those of you are unfamiliar -- unfamiliar, their ability to prosecute terrorist groups and their supporters is greatly enhanced by designation such as this one, which are essential for bringing charges of material support. in another step against the ttp, the justice program h
. north korea's state-run television made the special announcement on tuesday, the opening day of the workers party conference. it marks the first time that the son's name has ever been mentioned in public. kim jong-un is also expected to be given a high-ranking party post to succeed his father. the announcement said the leader's younger sister, kim yong he, has also been promoted to a four-star general. it's thought she will serve as care taker until power is transferred to kim jong-un. now little is known about kim jong-un, even basic facts about jong-un, who is likely to succeed his father as leader, have been long been shrouded in mystery. >> such things as the year of kim jong-un's birth cannot be acertained with certainty. it is widely thought that the heir apparent was born in 1983, but some experts suggest 1984 is the more likely year. in the late 1990s, kim jong-un studied in switzerland for several years. at school, he used the name pak un and it is said he identified himself as the son of the north korean ambassador to switzerland. one of his former classmates says h
in notoriously secretive north korea. it looks likely to be a gradual transfer of power from the leader, kim jong il, to his youngest son. kim jong un gained new duties. he has still not been seen in public. we have been probing the mysterious silence from p'yongyang. >> only in north korea. so far, just a couple of still photographs have been released from the party congress, this one so why you cannot really see the leader, kim jong il, in any detail. maybe that is the point, if he is obviously s.e.c.. the other picture shows the delegates with some of the leaders at the front. kim jong il's sister who has just been made a general is there, but his son, kim jong un, is not. this is north korean television tonight. the extraordinary thing is that nearly two days after the opening of the main party conferce tre has still been no coverage of it on television. why not? here is the main south korean news agency. they are trying to work that out. the agency's political analyst does not believe the leader is too sick to be shown on television. he thinks it is just north korea's reluctance to give out
, there will be a conference, which is not news in itself, but this one is in north korea an extremely rare. the last time it happened, 30 years ago, kim jong-il succeeded his father. now with doubts about his health, there is speculation he is about to hand over to one of his sons. we have this from the south korean capital, seoul. >> this is the only photo of kim jong-un , taken two decades ago. almost nothing is known about him except that he comes from are ruthless and powerful bloodline. kim il-sung and his son, kim jong il, are the only two leaders of north korea has ever known. kim jong-il had a very long and public grooming for power, seen as the only possible successor for his godlike father. the leadership cold could easily pass at you another generation -- cult could easily pass to another generation. the talk is once again of succession, but this time it needs to be organized in more haste. and with the added problem, many suggest, that none of his three known as suns appear to be promising leaders. the first, kim jong nam, was at once caught trying to enter japan with a false passport, tryin
would not be difficult. they tried to stabilize at north korea's unpredictable politics. >> state television announced the rise of the third generation. his youngest son in his mid-20s, has been made at general. his main qualification for being air apparent -- he was educated in switzerland, and therefore must understand the blast. -- the west. her husband is thought to be the real power behind the throne. covering north korea is a family business. it started in 1945 with the founding of the state by "the great leader," kim il-sung. kim jong-il is called "the der leader." and now his son will take the soap opera into a third generation. he is known officially as brilliant. grimm, poverty stricken -- this is his inheritance. we still cannot film it openly, but this could be the start of change. and now the government tolerates night markets, where people can sell in the streets. police used to stop this kind of thing. now they let it happen. >> it signals there will be a very stable transition. and in north korea. it will take longer than one or three years. >> there is one other i
. gold is a bit of a safe haven. they've been getting into that. >> thank you very much. north korea has announced that kim jong-un, the son of the leader kim jong-il has been given two proposed. the latest will be seen as confirmation that he is lined up to take over from his father. from the south korean capital, here's our correspondent. >> the north korean government controls all newspapers. it's difficult to know if ordinary people of north korea are aware of the conference taking place in p'yongyang. it has shown the outside world two important things, that kim jong-il is in good enough health to attend, and he has almost certainly decided who will potentially replace him as the leader of this isolated fledgling nuclear power. it's a remarkable story, even by the standards of one of the world's most totalitarian states. the details are making the front pages on this side of the border. here is the founder of north korea. here's his son, the current leader, kim jong-il. and one of the few childhood of him,exthat exists there is his son, kim jong-un. >> just hours before the conferen
in north korea is a family business. it started in 1945 with the founding of the state by "the great leader." in 1994, kim jong-il took over. he is called "the dear leader." now his son, kim jong-un, will take the soap opera into a third generation. he is a known officially as "the brilliant comrade." this is his inheritance -- grim, pover-stricken. it could be the start of slow change. there is one a immensely important player behind the scenes today and that is in china. the chinese are worried that north korea might simply implode with incalculable consequences for the entire region. they want north korea to reform itself, but they do not think the military are capable of doing that. if so, and that close, mysterious country across the river, the emergence of the heir leader's" son and could mean that change is under way for the family business. >> all landslide in cells was mexico buried hundreds of houses and at least seven people have been confirmed killed. it buried the houses of people as they slept. rescue workers are struggling to reach the scene hours after the disaster. the gove
are expected to become more intense in countries worldwide. >>> north korea is celebrating the 62nd anniversary of its founding on thursday. and it appears to be preparing for the succession of its leader, kim jong-il. military and korean workers puerto fishes met on wednesday in pyongyang. the prime minister stressed the significance of the party's first conference in 44 years, scheduled to open this month. kim was absent from the meeting. he was quoted as saying, the entire nation is taking part in efforts to hold the upcoming conference. a new lineup of top party officials is expected to be announced at the conference to facilitate the succession. kim's youngest son, kim john un, is seen as the most likely candidate to succeed his father. attention is focused on whether he will be given a top executive post at the meeting. north korea's state-run media has reported that regional representatives are arriving in pyongyang to take part in the conference. they haven't reported the exact start date. the commander of the u.s. pacific fleet says he's wary of north korea's move toward the eventual t
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